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Appointments...Established Clients

Nutritional Health and Wellness Counseling

Nutritional Health and Wellness Counseling visits can be utilized as a continuation of your Follow Up visits which will allow us to guide you through your process and monitor your progress. As an established client, you may schedule a visit for any acute, non-emergency condition or chronic symptom you might be concerned about. Visits can be scheduled on an as needed basis depending on your particular health concern and specific needs.

As you start to experience a new level of wellness, we suggest an office visit every three months for preventative maintenance and continued well-being.

Personalized Holistic Health Program

Our Personalized Holistic Health Program is designed to show the benefits of dietary and lifestyle changes. You will also see how the effects of a poor diet and lifestyle can manifest an environment suitable for disease.

Our focus is to educate our clients in understanding that a body can heal itself if given the proper environment. Therefore, a Personalized Holistic Health Program will be uniquely designed to give each individual insight on how they can become responsible for their own health and well-being.


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