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Pleurisy Root - Kosher/Wildharvested

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Pleurisy (Asclepias tuberosa) Root Profile

Also known as

Asclepius tuberosa, Canada-root, Chiggerflower, Indian Posy, Orange-root, Orange Swallowwort, Tuberroot, Whiteroot, Windroot, and Yellow or Orange milkweed.


Pleurisy weed is better known in parts of the country as butterfly weed. The plant is a variety of milkweed native to eastern North America. It's a popular plant in country gardens, and is known to attract butterflies, particularly monarchs. It has been used medicinally by a number of Native American tribes for centuries. Much of the plant is edible, including the young shoots, flower buds and stems. The milkweed fibers can be used to make fabric or rope. Pleurisy weed does have a darker side, however. The alkaloids it contains include some that can be toxic in the mature plant. It is considered toxic to livestock, and not recommended for use by pregnant or breastfeeding women, or for children.


Resinoids, glycosides, and a small amount of alkaloids.

Parts Used

Root and sometimes the leaves and plant.

Typical Preparations

In tea infusions, as an extract and very seldom in capsules.


Pleurisy weed products should not be used by pregnant women because of the danger of miscarriage. In addition, pleurisy weed has a similar effect on the heart to digoxin, and should be avoided by those with heart problems, or those who are taking any heart stimulant medications. Pleurisy root may interact with a number of other drugs and herbs, so it's important to consult your health practitioner if you intend to use pleurisy for medicinal purposes. It use is not recommended by those with pre-existing liver conditions. May cause nausea and vomiting.

Origin - USA

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