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Horehound - Organic/Kosher

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Horehound (Marrubium vulgare) Herb Profile

Also known as

Marrubium vulgare, marrubio, white horehound, wooly horehound, bull's blood, eye of the star, and soldier's tea.


Horehound is a garden mint with green and white leaves and a distinctively bitter taste. It is native to Asia and Europe, but is naturalized in North America. Although the herb grows in a wide range of climates, the best quality is grown in desert heat. Egyptian priests referred to it as the "Seed of Horus", which some speculate its modern name came from. In medieval Europe it was used to ward off spells by witches. It is also recorded as one of the "bitter herbs" eaten at Passover.


Marrubiin (the bitter substance in the herb), flavonoids including apigenin, luteolin, and vitexin, caffeic acid and stachydrine, and a small amount of essential oil and tannins.

Parts Used

The above-ground parts of the plant, dried and cut.

Typical Preparations

Usually as a tea, but also in infusions, tinctures, and encapsulations. Historically made as a candy or confection.


Horehound isn't good unless it tastes bad (or at least bitter). The bitter taste activates a reflex action that helps normalize breathing and digestion, and the beneficial effects of the herb are not realized if it is combined with too much sugar or other sweetener. Generally not recommended while pregnant. Also, if gathering in the wild, be sure not to confuse with black or stinking horehound, which can be toxic if taken in large doses.

Origin - USA

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